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About WYLD

 Founded on two key principals: 

"What You Love Driving" & "What You Love Doing"

Welcome to WYLD, 

WYLD was formed by collaborating  the most creative automotive and engineering minds from around the world.  With over a century of combined experience, WYLD has successfully restored, engineered and created many vehicles.  Breathing new life into each piece of automotive history and releasing them 'Into The WYLD'.  Creating new memories and leaving a legacy for todays generation and many future generations to enjoy. 

You may have seen WYLD on Velocity Channel or perhaps re-sold under Classic Car listings for far more than what we here at WYLD sell them for.  While the brand is tried and true, our priority is to bring quality vintage Land Cruisers and BMW Motorcycles back to life while maintaining the nostalgic vintage look and providing today's modern automotive driving experience. 

Unlike most other custom automotive and restoration companies, WYLD has developed a multi-national sourcing technique to find the best quality donor vehicles from around the world to keep our clients cost low, while providing a unparalleled restoration and fabrication experience in our state of the art facility.  

Join the many WYLD owners today and let us customize a Vintage Land Cruiser or Vintage BMW Motorcycle / Cafe Racer Today. 

We are waiting to build your dream ride!

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